Bored @ Work (1)

05/20/2011 § Leave a comment

-The moon is a lake, she said, lying on the hood of my car.
I looked at the moon, almost full but not quite in a star-freckled sky, then looked at her, all wrapped in a beach towel, water still dripping from her hair like the last drops of a summer shower. I pictured her small frame and delicate curves beneath the towel and thought of our old ritual, her parading in our tiny studio wearing nothing but a bathrobe after a shower, flashing, with calculated innocence, the signs of her body, the high roads and cul-de-sacs, wonderfully white and alive, a primordial narrative; me, sitting there feigning annoyance, then finally tossing away whatever book I was pretending to read to signal my defeat, to give in and resign myself to that lower instinct, to fall to my knees and draw out her nakedness like a butterfly from a chrysalis. And how clumsy my hands had been in those moments! So quick to quicken to her skin, so quick to betray my inner delight.
-Aren’t you warm? I asked. The lake had been lukewarm and I’d left the engine running while we swam.
-It’s fine, she said.


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