12/11/2009 § 1 Comment

I’ve talked to no one
& no one’s talked to me.
I’ve noticed that people
seem strange
they seem alive and busy
they seem to be able
to touch and feel each other’s bodies
in verisimilitude

& I ask myself: where did the ghosts go?

There is a kindness
in knowing you are alone.
It takes a fool
to find comfort in loneliness
but beggars
can hardly be choosers
we take what we get
lay it down
very gently
in a rusty shopping cart
put some tarp over.

I talk to my ex sometimes
sometimes I lie in her bed
& confess
I may be a fuckup
my soul’s thick with glaucoma
& I’m grateful when she disagrees
even though I believe
in the contrary.

(December 2009)


§ One Response to Funk

  • loubird says:

    I’ve been taking a gander at your site and I enjoy your work. Usually I don’t like too much lovelorn stuff, but somehow the way you do it, it works great…

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